Angels Luncheon 2015

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – June 3, 2015 our Angels fluttered in to the North Ranch Country Club for their 16th annual Angels of the Alliance Luncheon. Excitement and enthusiasm filled the room as the Angels, volunteers, and staff prepared to raise money for arts education through the Kids and the Arts program.

Co-Chairman of this year’s Angels Luncheon, Julie Blair said, “The volunteers of the Angels of the Alliance and the staff at the Alliance for the Arts of the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza have a truly outstanding partnership with one driving commitment, and that is to bring joy to the faces of the young children who are able to experience theater, dance, and music in a world-class venue.”

The luncheon included dining tables unique to their own theme that were elaborately decorated, and draping with exquisite décor. The Angels certainly outdid themselves this year, and for the first time an anonymous judge from the North Ranch Country Club named the winners. "Neptune's Noel" won first place.

The event featured a lovely lunch while Siobhain Hill delivered a powerful presentation invoking a passion for the Title 1 schools and the Kids for the Arts Program. Our guest speaker Maria Costilla, and mother of two daughters moved everyone to tears as she spoke about her daughters’ first trip to the theatre.

“My daughters were very happy, it was like a dream come true,” Costilla said with the assistance of translator Millie Chocano. “Thank you to all of you for giving the blessings that you’re giving us and our family. You guys are amazing.”

The call to donate and sponsor a child raised over $7,000. The boutique, which featured a variety of vendors raised around $5,000. The boutique was featured simultaneous with the luncheon, something that had not been done before and proved to be quite a success.

 “I think that everyone left with a smile in their heart knowing that it was their personal contribution which will send a child to the theater, maybe even for the first time, in the upcoming school year,” Blair said.